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Palais Royal cafe



   A "Palais Royal" is a comfortable cafe that is placed in a hotel "Evropeyskiy" invites the judges of the European kitchen, to conduct a pleasant evening in a pleasant company. 



   The name a cafe got from the famous Royal palace (Palais Royal). The history of this palace is interesting and like in French - unmediocre. Cardinal Richelieu was one of the most influential political figures of France of the XVII century. Richelieu changed locks and houses, but in any way could not find a place, where was a comfort him: out-of-town residences interfered with active nature of cardinal constantly to be at a court, and to live in a large palace with king  - it was obviously below than Ducs’ dignity. In 1624 he bought the large manor Anzhen, which located opposite Louvre. Over the years in this place Pale-Cardinal' appeared - Cardinals’ Palace. Even Louis could not boast such comfortable and at the same time luxurious manor.

   When died Richelieu, on changing a "grey cardinal" comes him – Mazarin.

   Widow Anna Avstriyskaya is forced to abandon Louvre and move  in Pale -Cardinal' together with children. So a palace transformed in Palais Royal, this name remained with it and to this day.

   Idea of our cafe « Palais Royal » – to provide busy business people shelter, where noise and fuss of the outer world does not reach, where the soul has a rest, enjoy pacification and positive energy, deliciously to eat up and feel itself a VIP-person.

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